It takes hundreds of hours to organize, advertise and coordinate the Studio Tour. By using volunteers, we can cut costs and keep this event running smoothly. Therefore, we need and expect ALL participating artists to:

1.    Volunteer at least 4 hours to help with the following tasks:

  • Marketing Committee:

    • Assist with publicity tasks such as placing Public Service Announcements, submitting news releases and articles, and adding Tour information to community calendars. (ongoing)

    • Prepare brochures for mailing. (October/November)

  • Sponsorship Committee

    • Assist in obtaining new and returning sponsors for the Tour

    • Prepare and mail thank-you letters after the Tour

  • Distribution/Signage Committee

    • Assemble materials for distribution to businesses, art supporters and each Tour location. (October)

    • Distribute brochures and posters throughout the area. (December)

    • Distribute Tour Signage and collect signage after tour

  • Exhibits Committee

    • Help with intake and installation of Studio Tour Spotlight Exhibit (December/ Early Jan) and other Guild Exhibits

  • Events Committee

    • Host public reception for Studio Tour Spotlight Exhibit (TBD) – set out and maintain refreshments, clean up.

    • Help with Studio Tour reception and exhibit at TBD – assist with displaying art, welcoming guests. (date)

    • Assist with preparation and clean-up for post Tour potluck party. (Feb 2020)

We will do our best to assign you to your first choice. However, we need to fill all areas and cannot guarantee any choices. If needed, you may be assigned to more than one task.

IMPORTANT:  You may opt out of these tasks by paying an additional fee of $200. If you do not pay the opt out fee and do not help with these tasks, you may not be accepted into next year’s Tour.

2. We expect that ALL participants will PROMOTE the Tour and PARTICIPATE in Tour Events

  • Talk about the Studio Tour with family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and everyone you meet. Word of mouth is our best marketing tool.

  • Distribute Studio Tour bookmarks and brochures to your personal mailing lists and other contacts.

  • Promote the Studio Tour on your website, blog, Facebook page, and at any events you participate in.

  • Solicit Art Supporters from among the businesses you routinely use as well as from friends and family.

  • Participate in the Studio Tour exhibit- Each participating studio will have at least (1) item to display

  • Provide food for the receptions

If accepted to participate in the 2020 Martin County Artists’ Studio Tour, You agree to abide by the information outlined in this document. You understand that your participation in the Tour does not guarantee any visitors or sales. You will allow the use of your images and bio to promote the Tour. You will agree to indemnify and hold Martin County Open Studio Tour and all supporting organizations, harmless against any and all claims, demands, damages, fees, costs, and actions of any kind asserted by or on behalf of any third person(s) from my participation in the 2020 Tour. By signing this paragraph on the application, You agree to these guidelines.


This fee applies to all artists. The 2020 Tour will be juried.  Enty will be via

We will accept 100 applications and the tour will have 30 Total Sites ( some may have multiple artists)

  • $15 Entry Fee ( payable with Entry)

  • $300.00 Tour Participation Fee

  • For immediate family members participating at the same location, the 2nd entrant will get a 50% Participation Fee discount.

 All applications and fees must be received by:

  • Entry and Entry Fee ($15) - 12:00 PM August 1, 2019

  • Jury decision emails will be delivered between Aug 15-20, 2019

  • 1/2 of the Tour Participation fee ($150) MUST be paid by MIDNIGHT, Sept 15, 2019, and the final payment ($150) must be paid by MIDNIGHT, Oct 15, 2019, or your name will be removed from list. You may, of course, pay the entire $300 by Sept 15.

Volunteer Opt-Out Fee:

By paying a fee of $200, you may opt out of volunteering to help with the Studio Tour tasks described on page 3. If you do not opt out and do not help with a task, you may not be accepted next year.

  • $200 (due with application)

ARTIST CHECKLIST —You must submit the following items:

  • 2020 Studio Tour Application submitted on No paper applications will be accepted.

  • Images –images must accompany application- You must submit images online. Please label your images as described below.

  • 3 to 5 images of your work (no more). File names should be [your name] #.jpg (Replace [your name] with your first and last name and # with the number of the image, e.g., John Doe 1.jpg, John Doe 2.jpg)

  • 1 image of you at work. File name should be [your name] At Work.jpg (e.g., Joan Smith At Work.jpg)

  • Host Studio Only – 1 image of your studio. File name should be [your name] Studio.jpg (e.g., Sue_ Doe_ Studio.jpg) Images must be professional quality jpg files (no prints)

  • Images must be a minimum of 300 dpi and 4x6 inches in size.


Art Center: An organization with the specific purpose of encouraging arts practice and providing facilities for ongoing art education. Exhibiting artists are at the discretion of the Art Center. All exhibited work should be of high quality and available for sale. The Art Center must be in Martin County, have studio spaces and be clean and safe for the public.

Host Studio: The place where an artist creates and displays his/her work. A Host Studio artist may invite other Participating Artists to share studio space for the Tour. All artists in any Host Studio must be individually accepted into the Tour. The Host Studio must be in Martin County and be clean and safe for the public. The Steering Committee will also help locate HOST locations for artist participation.

Participating Artist: A Martin County resident or member of a Martin County Art Association/Guild, who is actively producing high-quality work in any Medium.  Participating Artists must be individually accepted into the Tour.

Studio Tour or Tour: A, self-guided open studio event which is devoted to educating the public about the visual arts in the Martin County area. It does so by showcasing the art, creative process and working environment of established and emerging Martin County artists who are participating in the Tour.


Images submitted with your application are selected for use based on these criteria:

  • The artwork indicates a consistent technical proficiency with the medium and demonstrates an understanding of formal elements of art.

  • The artwork reflects a coherent individual style and originality.

  • The artwork is representative of what you have created in the last two years and will have available during the Tour.

If accepted into the Tour, the Participating Artist must meet these criteria:

  • All artwork must be consistent with that submitted with application.

  • All artwork must be available for sale.

Only goods/services relating to a Participating Artist’s artwork may be for sale during the Tour. No unrelated art items, manufactured, or commercial goods may be exhibited or sold. The Tour is intended to be a showcase for original artwork.

There are no quotas determining medium;  or how many artists can participate, however, we will have only 30 sites.

 The Martin County Artists’ Studio Tour does not discriminate against any artist because of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or any other reason prohibited under Federal, State or Local laws.


  • Jury Entry MUST be made by Midnight August 1, 2019.

  • Tour Fee ($300) Oct 15, 2019. Failure to submit all required materials will prevent your participation in the Tour.

  • Notification of Application Acceptance: Emailed Aug 15, 2019