Carolyn Walsh: Ceramics

ADDRESS: 346 NW Alice Ave.   Stuart, Fl 34994


"The need to create with my hands, without forethought, to take a meaningless lump of clay earth and create some representation of an inner mind and heart is a constant. 
My work tells a STORY of a life lived, experiences had or not had. It speaks to the deepest corners of my soul." 
"Come play with me." 
"The clay calls to me and releases me to a calm place. Look deep, sculpture and art reflect parts of all of us. See what you can, the work has a STORY
to tell. Can you feel what the artist feels, sees, thinks. Amuse yourself. Look deeper, tell me what you see. Maybe I missed a piece of the puzzle that was only revealed to you. When I am spent and my work is finished, I hope to see my whole self."