Studio #

4709 SE Compass Way

Stuart, FL 34997


Deborah Elaine

Through my lifetime, I have always been pulled to the discovery of nature, wildlife, color, and design. 

I have always been a busy person that couldn’t sit still or stay focused for long periods of time, but with my art I can!  When I create, I am at peace.  I feel close to the Creator and love when He guides my brush, pencil, or whatever is in my hands. I create and share, hoping it will make someone happy and bring joy to their heart. Sometimes, it’s to make the viewer ponder. There are many messages and things beyond what the viewer understands or sees. It is through the paths we travel that He shows the way and the hidden things in this beautiful world.

My Mission

  • To Influence others through the creativity and subject of my work
  • To bring joy, laughter, and happiness to others
  • To reflect God’s beauty or a feeling of expression that will touch others in some way-to move them
  • To show creativity
  • To give a peace and hope to finding your own path in life
  • To give back what HE has given to me