Eduardo Gomez

ADDRESS:   Jensen Beach, FL 


I am obsessed with the raw beauty of the human form. Whenever possible I use live models because I prefer a human connection with my subjects. Our individual bodies carry the imprints of our lives and our souls. For me form is a vehicle for expressing individual character rather than idealized perfection.  

My work always starts in clay because it allows me to quickly develop an idea into a visual concept. I then may finish the work in clay or evolve to casting the work in bronze or other media. I like making portraits, full figure sculptures and reliefs. I don’t follow any particular formula and I don’t sculpt for a particular audience. I do try to be honest and express my true feelings.  

The human body in all its aspects and conditions is my main source of inspiration. In it I see the incredible beauty and perfection of creation as well as the raw reflection of our human condition. 

Individual uniqueness inspires me. Life affects all humans in a singular way. I find a raw beauty in this uniqueness and my work attempts to chronicle my own personal perception of this uniqueness.  
Human relationships inspire me. For this reason I like making sculptures with multiple figures.

Physical movement inspires me. Its grace and its plasticity; its mysterious perfection; even what it may say about our brokenness