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  • Studio 1: Ed Douglas/ Carol Kepp ( Hobe Sound Fine Arts League)

  • Studio 2: Duane Hatfield

  • Studio 3: Suzanne Connors (Aya Fiber Studio)

  • Studio 4: Geoffrey Smith (Geoffrey Smith Galleries)

  • Studio 5: Laura Kay Darvil (Jewelry by Whiticar)

  • Studio 6: Alex Murray ( Pottery by Alex)

Studio #7: Lynne Barletta, Alicia Jones, Alice Laputka, Abigail Afong, Christopher Carnes (Visionary School of Art)

Studio#8: Jane Baldridge/ Amber M Moran

Studio#9: Mallo Bisset/ Tepa Charles

Studio #10: Maria M. Miele

Studio #11: Helen Kagan

Studio #12: Danuta Rothschild

Studio #13: Eduardo Gomez/ Torenzo Ganaway

Studio #14: Karen Leffel-Massengill

Studio #15: Mia Lindberg (Clay Habit Studio)

Studio #16: Sharon Farina (Rosebud Watercolors)

Studio #17: Diana Rell Dean (pastel)

Studio #18: Stuart Stained Glass

Studio #19: Deborah Elaine (The Gilt Complex) Watercolors

Studio #20: ARTISTS NOOK

Barb Bucci ( James J. DeMartis Collection) Denise Justice (Art on Gold Paintings0

Rosalind Neilen, Sally Browning-Pearson (Watercolor & Acrylic Paintings)

Studio #21: Chris Kling (Oil Painting) Lorrie Goss (Ceramic Sculpture) Kling Gallery Wine & Decor

Studio #22: Cristina de la Vega: Oil Painting