Rosebud Watercolors

4616 Wandering Oak Court

Jensen Beach, FL 34957


(772) 341-1653

Sharon Farina

 My inspiration has always been fed by both color and texture.  I am uplifted by working from the unknown to the known, from within to without. I start by splashing color and adding texture with various media. When this first application dries, I hang the piece in my studio and study it until it speaks to me.  Sometimes this takes a long time.  Then suddenly one day my vision is made clear and I know how to proceed enabling me to finish this painting. This combination of clear sparkling colors along with enhancing textural techniques results in the creation of unusual and distinctive artwork that cannot be duplicated. Recently I have been inspired to create figurative paintings.  These personal expressions allow me to give my art a new voice. Adding another dimension is quite pleasing to me as it stimulates my creativity and enriches my always passionate journey in the arts.