Interested in being an active part of
Martin Artisans Guild?

Join one of our Committees and help us expand the reach and impact of our organization.

All Guild Members are REQUIRED to volunteer on at least one Guild Committee and Participation in the MCOST has a 4 hour commitment for Tour-related activity

Join one of our Committees and help us expand the reach and impact of our organization.

Volunteering for MAG:  As a member of our artist Guild, we encourage you to help with our various events and activities. Volunteering reduces our organization’s costs and enables us to provide more opportunities for every member that may not be possible otherwise.  Our past experiences exhibit that volunteering is a satisfying and rewarding activity!

Below are areas that volunteers are needed.  Our hope is that you will find something especially to your liking.  Not only does volunteering allow you to meet other members, but you are likely to find a few activities particularly fun and engaging.  Perhaps it is helping with Publicity, seeking sponsors for the annual MCOST or setting up gallery shows, etc.  We are certain you will enjoy the experience and the friendships you will develop over time.

At each monthly members’ meeting will be a sign-up table for upcoming events and occasionally you will receive an email opportunity.  MAG asks that you look over the requests and volunteer when and where you can.

Standing Committees ~

Standing committees of the Guild may include though not be limited to the following: Program, Events, Exhibits, Membership, Marketing, Website, Graphics and Jury. The chairs of the standing committees shall be appointed by the president to serve during the same term of office. The committee members shall be appointed by the Committee Coordinator and the committee chairs. In addition, the Martin County Open Studio Tour will have the following additional committees: Distribution/Signage and Sponsorship.


  • Schedule committee meetings

  • Set the committee goals and ensure they are met

  • Act as liaison between the committee and MAG Executive Committee by providing a monthly report at monthly Guild Meeting

  • Act as liaison with other committees, as necessary


  • Set objectives and strategies to achieve goals

  • Organize events that promote MAG, the MCOST and Exhibits and function as fundraising opportunities

  • MAG Art Openings

  • Create and manage events budgets and sponsors

  • Provide information to the Marketing Manager to promote the events

  • Support other committees as needed


ROLE OF COMMITTEE COORDINATOR: The committee coordinator works closely with the committee members and Board liaison to maintain the committee’s goals. To do this, the coordinator should encourage and ensure the committee has:

  • An appropriate number of people on the committee to do the work;

  • Clearly defined goals, action plan and timelines; •

  • A budget, if applicable;

  • Enthusiasm for the work.

Communications Committee

  • The Communications Committee's main goal is to ensure that all current events & exhibitions that MAG & its members are involved in are promoted & current on the website, social media sites, and through local media outlets, etc.

  • Committee members are only responsible for information given to them & are not

    required to seek out information from each individual artist. However they must stay current on

    all group events & exhibits.

Program Committee.

  • The program committee shall be chaired by a Guild member and shall meet as needed to plan and secure the guild’s monthly programs for the year.

  • It will be the duty of this committee to poll the membership for ideas, suggestions and areas of interest and to do any and all things possible to advance the cultural and educational interests of the guild.

  • The program committee shall publicize the monthly programs by sending press releases to the media, sending in photographs of programs, and by submitting feature story ideas to the press.

Membership Committee.

  • The membership committee shall consist of one to three Guild members chaired by the Vice

    President. This committee’s aim shall be to do all things that will contribute to the membership

    growth of the guild.

  • Duties shall include greeting visitors as they arrive, getting names and phone

    numbers of visitors, giving visitors a membership form, and making them feel comfortable.

  • Follow up calls will be made to visitors before the next regular meeting to remind them of the

    next meeting and invite them to join.

  • The committee shall send renewal notices to all present Guild members in November of each year.. The committee shall make contact with nonrenewing and past members in February of each year to encourage continued membership.

Exhibit Committee.

The exhibit committee shall be chaired by a Guild member and shall meet as needed to plan and secure dates, times, and venues for exhibiting guild member’s work. This shall include at least one major exhibit each year.

  • The exhibit committee’s duties shall include, but not be limited to, publicity for the exhibit, call for entries, securing a juror (if applicable), setting entry rules and specifications, insurance, invitations, signage, labels, hanging, opening reception and other duties as needed to prepare the exhibit.

  • The Exhibit Committee is responsible for making sure work hung in a MAG exhibition fits the criteria for exhibiting work:

1.) Design Consciousness.

Does the work exhibit a design consciousness that enhances the works overall image? Doesthe visual information support the content of the work? If sculptural, does the image exploitthreedimensionalspace in a meaningful way?

2.) Mastery of the Medium.

Does the artwork depict a use of tools and materials – craftsmanship – that is appropriate and in harmony with the content of the work?

3.) Original Communication.

Is there original communication taking place revealing a particular content and is the content significant? Does the work carry you to adifferent emotional, spiritual, or intellectual level? Are any copyright laws being violated?


Is the artwork presented in a manner that complements the image? Is the choiceand use of framing or presentation device a meaningful addition to the work? Are there any presentation factors that detract from the pleasure of the viewing experience?

Events Committee

  • The Events Committee is responsible for hosting events (other than the Open Studio Tour) that promote the organization and its members and help our fundraising efforts.

Special Committees.

Special committees may be appointed by the president to perform functions not covered by

standing committees of the guild and shall serve until the special purpose for which they were

appointed has been fulfilled or until such committees are dissolved by the president.

Current Special Committees ~

MCOST Committee

  • The committee is chaired by founder Suzanne Connors, and co-chaired by

  • The duties of committee members would include helping to plan the Art Tour & Tour events, promotions, organizing, & other activities related to these events. Various Standing Committees are also asked to work on their respective positions relating to Tour Activity


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