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 The Martin Artisans Guild is dedicated to the advancement of the arts and of artists. Through our efforts, we work to promote an appreciation for and awareness of the visual arts in our community. Our members express their talents in a range of mediums, from oils and watercolors to fabrics, collage, sculpture, photography - and everything
in between. 

Guidelines for Jury Review

As of 4/01/19, new artist members must pass the Jury Committee in order to exhibit in any MAG sanctioned event.  As of 04/01/2019, all members who want to exhibit work in a new or additional medium that has not been juried shall be required to be juried in the new medium.  Therefore, if a member plans to exhibit in more than one category, he/she will have to be juried in for each; i.e., drawing, painting, photography, collage, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, etc.   Members must keep their membership active in order to maintain their juried privileges. 

All artwork must be original in concept.  Infringing upon copyright laws could bring serious consequences for the MAG and/or artist.  Thus copying photographs (including those from magazines, calendars, newspapers, etc.) or artwork originally created by another individual cannot be accepted.  The only exception would be where permission to copy was granted by the original creator.  In that case, the artwork must be signed with the artist’s name followed by “after Ansel Adams” (or whoever is the originator of the artwork).  This must be clearly indicated on the front of the artwork.

New members wishing to be reviewed for exhibiting privileges should complete the New Member Application via Entry Thingy

A minimum of three pieces executed within the last two years will be required for jurying in medium the member wishes to exhibit.  Work will be reviewed by a minimum of three members of the Steering/Jury Committee. There is a $15 application fee. Please do not pay your fee until all of your information has been entered on the application.

2D – For jury review, it is suggested that the image size be at least 14” x 18”.  However, if an applicant works only in a smaller format, that artwork will also be considered by the Jury Committee.  Work does not need to be framed; but it is encouraged.

3D – This work must be reviewed and will be considered for originality in concept, design and craftsmanship.

In all cases, technique and artistic approach should be consistent.  Artwork should look like it was done by the same artist within a limited period of time (2 years).  For jurying, experimental work is discouraged.  Class work will be allowed only if it has NOT been worked on by the teacher.  The committee will be looking for good drawing, composition, clean colors and a presentation worthy of Exhibition.

Once you application has been submitted, you will be invited to attend a MAG Meeting and introduce yourself to the group. Please bring 1-2 pieces of your work to share.

After this meeting you will receive an email from the membership Committee, welcoming you into the Guild and asking you to pay your Guild Dues.

Should an individual not be accepted for exhibition privileges, that member can resubmit new artwork for consideration after one year.

The Gallery Committees will continue to review all artwork submitted for each gallery exhibit.  Please review the guidelines for exhibiting in each events prospectus.

March 1- end of February ( after Tour Wrap-Up)

Membership Perks

  • MUST be a “working Artist”

  • network with other amazing Artists from Martin County

  • Exhibition Opportunities

  • Participation in Annual Martin County Open Studio Tour

  • Artist Development Opportunities